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Agent Upgrade Fails - Error "Agent Upgrade blocked due to network mismatch."


I can't upgrade my Android devices after upgrading MobiControl Server to I see an error in device logs which says "Agent Upgrade blocked due to network mismatch.". Upon further investigation I found below error in the MCDeplSvr.log file.

[INFO] AgentUpgrader::UpgradeDeviceAgentToServerVersion() UpgradeDeviceAgentToServerVersion: Agent for Device xxx is not allowed to upgrade due to network restriction

Please help! 


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1 Answer

Atif Rasheed | posted this 14 September 2017

MobiControl will throw this error when the devices are connected to a network (or network type) not specified in the Agent Upgrade Settings Network Restrictions dialog as shown in the below screenshot.

Please click here to read more about Agent Upgrade Settings in MobiControl Help.

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