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I'm trying to setup Application Catalog for Android and Android+ Devices. 

I have added the enterprise apk:s correctly etc. 

Still the Application catalog in the devices are empty. Content library works like a charm.

Soti version 13.3. Any help?


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2 Answers

James Beeching | posted this 15 November 2017

Hi Nico,

I have had this issue myself. It was related the Device Management Address Port not being open and accessible.

I had to use a device side VPN to bypass this issue.

Hope this helps.


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SOTI Support Agent 003 | posted this 16 November 2017

Hello Nico,

The app catalog is hosted by the DSE which is an extension of by the Deployment service and will have the address of Device Management and port. The Android device/MC Agent needs to be able to access this URL for the AppCatalog to populate. Typically the pattern of the address would be something like:

https://<FQDN of MC>/mc/mdm/appcatalog/json/<device id>


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