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Android : Launch-able SOTI Script shortcut on SOTI Lockdown


Hi there, I am wondering if anyone has successfully placed a SOTI script on the SOTI Lockdown utility on MobiControl 13.4.

I have attempted to accomplish this but delivering a script file to the desired device then reference that file in the Lockdown config but when tapping on the created hyperlink, it either doesn't have any response or states the file is incorrect. My script kills an app then starts it when executed. I have validated the script syntax by sending it manually to the device.

The Device Script Commands seems to imply this is possible based on the attached screenshot but I would like more clarification on what the file extension of the script file being delivered needs to be and which initialization method I need to use specific to scripts. (Launch://, File://, etc)



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Raymond, Chan | posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Ben,  based on what I did from a few years ago, you can use


The default filename extension is .cmd, but I think anything will do.  The tricky part is to reference the path to your script file on your device brand/model, which might have a different file hierarchy for different device brand/model.  However,  all Android devices have the default "download" directory in the on-board Flash, which should be easily referenced with MobiControl macro  %sdcard%/Download.  Please note that  the macro %sdcard% here does not refer to external add-on SD-card, which might be referenced with another macro, %removablesdcard%, for some device brands/models in Mobicontrol v13.3.0.3851+ & v14.0.2+ according to the latest Soti online info. 

So, if you have a script abc.cmd in the default "Download" directory,  you should have the following for your lockdown menu item:


 Some devices/firmware/webview engine might use/interpret  \ as path delimiter.  Please verify on each device model you are using.   

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Matt Dermody | posted this 2 weeks ago

Your screenshot was cut off @Ben! Just kidding its listed in the 12.x documentation, not the 13.


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Ben Ragland | posted this 2 weeks ago

I'll give these suggestions a shot later today.

I have already tried delivering a .cmd script to a device while using the script:// method but maybe I had something wrong.  

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Ben Ragland | posted this 2 days ago

I got this working as Raymond and Matt suggested.

With Zebra MX/Android, you must specify the Lockdown shortcut as "script://%sdcard%/posti.cmd".

The Lockdown shortcut is calling the posti.cmd script being delivered to the sdcard directory via package. I simply used the default destination path to deliver this "%sdcard%\"

It seems I have gotten used to leaving out the % in most of my use with ADB and SOTI scripting.

Much thanks for the assistance!

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