Jérémy, Daleux

Are they any other Mobicontrol actions possible to be used from the kiosk mode (Lockdown) ?


From the Mobicontrol Online help, under the section "Android+ Device Lockdown" I realized that it is possible to create a link and give access to users for executing Mobicontrol action:


- action:// - Executes a MobiControl action. To change the device password, use action://CHANGE_DEVICE_PASSWORD. To configure WiFi, use action://CONFIGURE_WIFI.


is there any other action that can be used, I could not find any more information from the Online help.



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SOTI Support Agent 002 | posted this 01 November 2017

Hello Jeremy,


The only two MobiControl actions that can be used in Lockdown are:

  • action://CONFIGURE_WIFI


Additionally, in MobiControl v13.2 and later, you can also use "Settings Manager" while in Lockdown to control the following device settings:

  • Display
  • Sound
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth


For more information regarding Settings Manager see the URL below:


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