Best method to push out 5GB worth of files to Android tablet rollout from MobiControl Cloud


Hi all,

We are currently rolling out 18x Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (running Android 7.0) to our drivers. The main purpose of these devices is to allow our drivers to use an app called PTV Navigator. This app has a bunch of additional content it uses such as maps, voice speakers and other assorted maps. I have been able to successfully push out all the necessary packages for the PTV Navigator to work EXCEPT all of the maps.

In total, the maps files are around 5GB in size and is taking around 4-5 hours to push and install on the tablets via the MobiControl Cloud service. The map files are absolutely necessary for PTV Navigator to work, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

My question is, what is the most efficient and quickest way to get these map files onto the device? Keeping in mind there will be map upgrades in the future that will also need to be pushed to the tablets.

What I have tried:

1) Pushing the map files through MobiControl Cloud takes around 4-5 hours as previously stated.

2) Copy the map files from the SD card to internal storage using a script and then push out a profile with the same files. I would think MobiControl would automatically recongise the files are already on the tablet, so it would just mark the profile as "Installed". This is not the case as according to SOTI support, it does not have any hash or checksum on the files and only reads the last modified date.

3) Attempted to force PTV Navigator to read the map files from the SD card and then later on swap out the SD card with updated maps. PTV Navigator is refusing to read maps stored on SD card.

4) Use an app called AndSMB to copy the map files from a local NAS, but this was super slow as well!

Please help with this enquiry. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.



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SOTI Support Agent 003 | posted this 07 November 2017

Hello BVal,

Looking at your situation, it may be best to push the APK for the PTV navigator to install the devices through a package and then utilize the FileSync rules in MobiControl to push the map files. This way when you need to push maps to the devices you only need to update the map files on the MobiControl server. Within the FileSync rules would also be able to send scripts to the to notify users if the maps files are being sent to the devices and when it has completed. 


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