Matt Dermody

Can you launch a SOTI Script at start up / after a reboot?


I saw a response in this thread briefly detailing how you can leverage the Kiosk Lockdown utility to launch a SOTI script at startup:

Is there any way to launch a SOTI script at startup without using the Kiosk Lockdown?


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1 Answer

Benedict Lumabi | posted this 20 November 2017

Hi Matt,


Hope you'll get some idea from this workaround. Have you consider using File Sync Rule? 

1. Create a rule that synchronizes a dummy file between server and device.

2. Select "Sync files when Device Connects"

3. Click on "advanced" > Scripts

4. Then put the script you want to execute when device gets online


The only drawback of this is that when device gets offline because of no internet connection, and later on it gets reconnected, the script will automatically execute even though the device didn't reboot.

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