Wayne Wang

DataWedge is not available after the devices are enrolled via Android Enterprise agent on TC56.




I have some TC56 devices enrolled via SOTI Android Enterprise agent. (NFC)

We need DataWedge for scanner but it is not available for Android Enterprise enrolled devices.

Does anyone have any idea how do i get it back?


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Support Staff | posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Wayne, 


Is this for a managed Device?  How was DataWedge put onto on the device before Enterprise Enrollment?




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Matt Dermody | posted this 2 weeks ago

DataWedge is pre-installed as part of the base OS image and is not a sideloaded APK. This actually sounds very similar to the problem being experienced on this thread with the TC20:


I am speculating that DataWedge hasn't been "uninstalled" but is likely disabled or hidden by some mechanism. 

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Wayne Wang | posted this 6 days ago

I have found the solution from SOTI support.


We can enable the system app by the following script:


For example, to enable Google Chrome you would send:

enable_system_app com.android.chrome

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Matt Dermody | posted this 5 days ago

That's great news. Do we know why the system apps were hidden in the first place? Was it merely the Enrollment with the Android Enterprise Agent that led to that, or was there some profile or configuration being applied that disabled DataWedge?

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Wayne Wang | posted this 4 days ago

When you enroll devices with Android Enterprise Agent, it will hide all the unnecessary apps and left only the core applications. (Phone, Google, contact, Play Store, Settings, Downloads, Google Voice)

I believe this is intended because it doesn't just happen on Zebra devices, so are Android devices.

From EMM's point of view, I like this change, but it would be nice if we can have more information and detail about how to utilize Android Enterprise enrollment.

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