Robbert de Jong

Device Name after reinstall zebra Scanner



i have a problem with the device name.

i have a zebra / symbol MC92 CE7 installed with an agent and everything works perfect.

only when i want to reinstall the scanner with a diffrent agent (and diffrent device name) the scanner keeps the 'old' device name. the rest of the 'new agent' is working fine. like device target.


Old device name ( agent WH700 / target folder wh700_staging) :



new device name ( agent WH100 / target folder wh100_staging): 



what did i do:

factory reset the device (mc92)

delete device from soti when it is offline

reinstall the device with the new agent (agent wh100).

check if the device installed the new agent --> Yes


device name still MC92N0CE_WH700. NOT correct

device location WH100_staging. Correct.


anyone an idea?





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9 Answers

Matt Dermody | posted this 07 December 2017

Are you deleting the device from the Inventory or un-enrolling it? I would suggest maybe un-enrolling it instead and revoking the certificate before deleting it. 

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Robbert de Jong | posted this 07 December 2017

i can't find the un-enroll action in Soti 14.0

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Matt Dermody | posted this 07 December 2017

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Robbert de Jong | posted this 08 December 2017

hi Matt,


thank you for your fast response.


i don't have this option in the action screen.

maybe it has something to do with Windows Mobile / CE?


the strange thing when i do the same trick with a zebra MC55 Windows mobile everything works fine(device gets a new name.)


i already delete the agent from soti and rebuild it again. --> No effect.


any other ideas?

thank you

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Robbert de Jong | posted this 08 December 2017

in the security tab i have full control with the admin account. (i see un-enroll is checked)



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Matt Dermody | posted this 11 December 2017

Let's maybe take a different angle then. How are you factory reseting the MC92N0? By default the OSUpdate files will include a CleanApp option, but it is commented out. As a result, the OSUpdate will preserve the contents of the Application directory so you might not be completely wiping the device unless you uncomment out the exclusion of the CleanApp,

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K@SOTI | posted this 11 December 2017

Please make sure that you are deleting the remaining files in the following link after un-enrolling the device.

Technical Support | SOTI Inc. | +1 905.624.9828 | | |

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Robbert de Jong | posted this 12 December 2017


i do an OSupdate and blank.

i checked the application folder and its empty (only default files are on it)

i will check the 'installed programs' next week. (not in the office now)

i will update this post after checking.


thank you.


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Robbert de Jong | posted this 11 January 2018

Hi all,


sorry for my late reaction.

the problem is solved.

deleting the information in the DB takes more time then cleaning the scanner.

so after the factory reset i need to wait about 20 minuts and then i can configure it again.

after this the scanner gets the right name.


thank you all for your help.




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