I am relatively familiar with the process of generating XML from StageNow and then processing it on Zebra Android devices using the mxconfig scripting option in MobiControl v13.3 and higher. I am now supporting a MobiControl 12 instance that only has an mxxmlconfig script and no mxconfig option. In cross-referencing the scripting documentation between v12 and v13 it would appear that mxconfig is specific to StageNow generated XML where as mxxmlconfig is for "MX Legacy". What is the difference between these two XML types and how can I generate the MX Legacy version of an XML file if I want to configure Zebra Android devices through the MX layer with a MobiControl 12 environment?


mxxmlconfig [inputPath] [outputPath]

Executes XML command from the [inputPath] and puts the result into the [outputPath].

inputPath – path to a xml file containing configuration for MX XML API

outputPath – path to a folder where script execution result will be put.

Note: This script command is applicable only to Motorola Android devices. mxxmlconfig uses the older XML format (MX Legacy).


mxconfig <xml_filepath>

Submits XML configuration instructions to the MX layer of the device.

Note: This script command is only applicable on Zebra Android devices. mxconfig uses the StageNow XML format (MXMS)