Udoy Chatterji

Does Mobicontrol v14 Support MeeGo or sailfish oS


https://sailfishos.org/ is an Opensource Linux based OS roots from MeeGo - old Jolla / Nokia etc.

It would be really amazing if we could use MDM functionalities with Sailfish OS and Mobicontrol.


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3 Answers

Durgesh, Singh | posted this 2 weeks ago

In the market, we have thousand Operating Systems based on Linux so we are advising our customer to go for device certification. If you have got a device which is using Sailfish OS, you can provide us for device certification. After certification, we can correctly tell which MobiControl MDM capabilities are being supported for Sailfish. 

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Udoy Chatterji | posted this 2 weeks ago

How can we request this Professional Service from you and how much does it cost to certify one device?

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Support Staff | posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Udoy, 


You can submit a case for one of our support personnel to take your details and forward them to our OEM team regarding certification.


I have included a link below for you to create a case regarding this.






Soti Support


Technical Support | SOTI Inc. | +1 905.624.9828 | support@soti.net | soti.net |

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