Matt Dermody

Remote Control clipping or stretching the device screen


We're seeing a scenario with Remote Control on a Zebra WT6000 in which the screen is being either clipped or stretched. Is there anything we can do to avoid this?

MobiControl 12.x





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2 Answers

Matt Dermody | posted this 01 December 2017

Bump. Does anybody have any ideas?

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SOTI Support Agent 003 | posted this 01 December 2017

Hello Matt,

I have seen this issue reported internally earlier this week with the similar version. From the internal report, this was occurring with an Agent version I would first try to see if the latest 12.4 agent for MobiControl addresses this issue which should be a version of If this does not address the issue please open a support case and provide the following information so it can be investigated by the development to identify what is causing this issue:

  • MCRemote logs.
  • SOTI.RCLauncher logs.
  • ADB log or Android Bug Reporter when the issue was occurring. 
  • Screenshots.


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