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Some of my iOS devices do not update their Device-based VPP licensed applications. How can I get the rest of them to update as well?


Due to a bug in iOS, device-based VPP licensed applications have been a source of customer complaints in recent weeks.


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Adil Katchi | posted this 07 September 2017

The update of device-based VPP applications is only officially supported on iOS 10.3+.  So, if you have some devices that are on a lower version of iOS, you can either:

  • Update all devices to iOS 10.3+ so that you can benefit from the ability to update their Device-based VPP applications.
  • Accept that your devices running a version of iOS lower than 10.3 will have to uninstall and reinstall their Device-based VPP applications.
  • Convert your VPP licenses to user-based.  This is discouraged and only to be used as a last resort.

 For more information on the procedure to update regular or VPP App Store applications, please see the this thread.

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