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What are my options to provision a Managed Device?


I'm looking to provision my devices to a Managed Device state. 

What are my options to do so?


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4 Answers

Hafeez Mulji | posted this 05 September 2017

There are 4 methods to provision a factory reset device to a Managed Device state.


Option 1: If you've got a Managed Google Account you can click through the setup wizard and enter this account when prompted for a Google account. This will download the MobiControl Agent and provision to a Managed Device.


Option 2: If you do not have a Managed Google Account and will be using the Managed Google Play Accounts to manage Application Deployment to devices you can enter the SOTI hashtag during the setup wizard when prompted for a Google Account. Simply enter afw#mobicontrol and this will download the MobiControl Agent and provision to a Managed Device.


Option 3: If your device is NFC enabled out-of-the-box you can use the MobiControl Stage Programmer application on a staging device to setup all of the wizard configurations and also provide an Enrollment ID. Thus by simply tapping a new device you will provision this to a Managed Device state and also complete Enrollment into MobiControl. This is a recommended Rapid Provisioning Method.


Option 4: If your device is not NFC enabled but you would like to utilize a Rapid Provisioning Method you can use the QR code method. Using the MobiControl Stage Programmer application, instead of choosing to provision via NFC, you can choose to provision via QR which will generate a QR code with all the information. On the new device simply launch the QR code reader and scan the image to provision the device.

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Matt Dermody | posted this 23 September 2017

Option 5: Downloading the APK from the enrollment website (if the device is on a wireless network already)

Option 6: Sideloading the APK and Enrollment rule INI file. 

Option 7: (Zebra Only) StageNow Enrollment

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Hafeez Mulji | posted this 28 September 2017

Hey Matt,

For a Managed Device Option 5 and 6 that you've mentioned will not work as the agent needs to be downloaded during the initial setup wizard and at that point it will request for Device Owner Permissions.

Option 7 is in the works and should be available soon!

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Matt Dermody | posted this 28 September 2017

Thanks for the clarification. I didn't catch the initial distinction that was being made between "Managed" and "managed"

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