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What are the advantages of SOTI SNap?


SOTI Snap is a cross-platform, rapid app development solution for business.


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SOTI Admin | posted this 06 August 2017

Why SOTI Snap?

Does not require coders

Almost anyone can create a mobile app using SOTI Snap — no coding is required. An easy drag and drop interface allows user to pick the app components they need, and how the app will look and feel. SOTI Snap makes mobile LOB app development and ongoing maintenance handy, and eliminates any need for scarce and high-priced developers.

Creates cross-platform apps automatically

Developing apps for mobile devices is complicated. It means accommodating different device makes and models, operating systems and proprietary APIs. SOTI Snap automatically creates cross-platform apps for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Creates a user-friendly mobile app experience

SOTI Snap Apps are easy to use for the mobile worker. The SOTI Snap container on the mobile device only contains the apps that have been assigned. The apps even work offline when the device is in areas of low signal strength. In addition, integration with SOTI MobiControl enables device lockdown so that only the SOTI Snap container is accessible by the end-user. SOTI Snap makes sure your mobile workers have the apps they need, when they need them.

Eliminates paper-based forms

Forms are an integral part of many business workflows. Making those forms usable on a mobile devices will streamline your process, and reduce errors. SOTI Snap creates electronic forms for mobile devices in minutes. It even includes the ability to electronically capture signatures.

Integrated with the SOTI ONE platform

Because of its integration with other SOTI ONE solutions, SOTI Snap includes mobile application management features, and remote support capabilities. Control who gets what app, and where they can use it, then use remote control and file sync to fix problems in the fi

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Deepak Fialok | posted this 18 August 2017

Mobile apps are taking a leading role in the enterprise to help them reinvent their workflows. A rapid app development solution like SOTI SNap lets you build the mobile apps you need faster, cheaper and on-time.

SOTI SNap is a new cross-platform, mobile app development solution in SOTI SNap creating a new app is as simple as dragging and dropping the components you need. Learn how SOTI Snap can take the cost, complexity and coding out of mobile app development by requesting a demo at 



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