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What are the different account types for Application Deployment using the Google Play store?


I'm looking to deploy apps from the Google Play store but I'm not sure what the different account types are and which ones will work best for me.


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Hafeez Mulji | posted this 05 September 2017

There are 2 types of accounts that can be used for Application Deployment from the managed Google Play store.


Option 1: Managed Google Accounts (MGA - User Based Accounts)

- Admins must purchase a Domain and Link this to the Google Admin Portal

- Admins must replicate their Active Directory within the Google Admin Portal 

- Admins must require the use of LDAP enrollment when users enroll their devices.

- Users must be added and removed from the Google Admin Portal as needed.


Option 2: Managed Google Play Accounts (MGPA - Device Based Accounts)

- Admins can create as many free Enterprises they require through MobiControl

- Admins have the option to use LDAP enrollment when new devices are enrolled.

- Accounts are created on the fly when devices are enrolled and deleted when devices unenroll, thus requiring no management 

- Accounts are not tied to a user but rather to a device, so the user cannot logon to multiple devices and see the same set of applications.

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