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What does a MobiControl license entitle me to?


What does a MobiControl license entitle me to?


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Graham Watts | posted this 07 September 2017

A MobiControl license entitles you to enroll and manage devices in a single deployment. There are several types of licenses: 

  • Device-based licenses restrict the number of devices are allowed to enroll in the system
  • User-based licences restrict the number of unique users that can have devices enrolled in the system


A license may also limit the number of MobiControl deployment servers that are supported in the deployment.


Licenses are valid from the time they are purchased until the subscription period ends during which time the licensee is entitled with direct support of the documented MobiControl behaviour from SOTI Support. Some licenses were issued perpetually in which case support is provided while an active maintenance contract has been purchased.


--------- Graham Watts - Principal Product Manager, SOTI Inc.

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