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What does the deployment server do?


What does this component of MobiControl do?


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1 Answer

SOTI Support Lead 007 | posted this 30 August 2017

"The MobiControl Deployment Server is responsible for interacting with devices and executing deployment and device configuration rules configured via the MobiControl Web Console. Deployment Servers also make real-time information about devices available to MobiControl Web Console sessions.

MobiControl Deployment Servers provide the following key features:

Executing device configuration rules to automatically configure devices to work with MobiControl.

Executing deployment rules that deploy packages to mobile devices.

Providing real-time information from devices to MobiControl Web Console. Fault tolerance automatically distributes the load among available servers if a particular server is not available. All devices connected to an unavailable server will automatically migrate to available servers.

Load balancing and scalability automatically distributes the load among running Deployment Servers when more than one is configured."

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