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What is the 'Swipe Up' option?


How do I get into Administrator mode on my Android plus devices running on Android Nougat?


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Joel Mathew | posted this 29 August 2017

On Android Plus (A+) devices running Android N, administrators are not able to bring up the option to enter 'Administrator' mode via long-press of the back button. On Android Enterprise (AE) devices, administrators long pressed the Floating Home Button (FHB) to enter 'Administrator' Mode.

To enable administrators to gain access to administrator mode on A+, a Swipe Up option for the Kiosk screen was created. This swipe up option was also made available on AE; and the 'Administrator' mode is no longer reliant on the long-press of the FHB on AE. The Swipe up option is applicable for all lockdown types on both A+ and AE. 


When on the Kiosk Launcher/Lockdown screen (Home), the admin can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display the Swipe Up Options: Administrator, Refresh.  On press of the 'Refresh' button, the Kiosk/Lockdown Screen refreshes. On press of the 'Administrator' Button, the admin will be requested for a password that will enable Admin mode on the agent. 


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