Cannot Enroll VMWare Windows Server

Cannot Enroll VMWare Windows Server


Enrollment fails when attempting to enroll a VMWare Windows Server as a Windows Desktop classic device




  • MobiControl agents versions prior to v14.3.2 (requires v14.3.2 server as well)
  • VMWare VM Windows Server 2012 R2, other versions of VMWare Windows Servers may be affected.




The length of the Device ID which is generated by the MobiControl agent is too long to store in the MobiControl server's database.


The device ID is created by combining two identifiers which are retrieved from the device:

  1. BiosID
  2. Hardware Profile ID


When these identifiers are combined and submitted to the server for enrollment, the server fails to complete the enrollment because the field in the database cannot exceed 80 characters.




  1. Upgrade to a MobiControl Server version 14.3.2 or above
  2. Recreate the appropriate Windows Classic Desktop agent for the VMWare server which will be enrolled
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