'EMPTY_TOKEN' Error is Being Displayed

'EMPTY_TOKEN' Error is Being Displayed


An 'EMPTY_TOKEN' error is shown in the MobiControl device event logs in the MobiControl administrative console, and devices do not complete enrollment into MobiControl.


  • Android Enterprise devices enrolling into MobiControl via a "Managed Domain" or "Managed Enterprise"


Associations between a MobiControl environment and a Google Managed Domain or Managed Enterprise are established using the MobiControl registration code. MobiControl trial registration codes behave slightly different than production (purchased) registration codes. When a trial registration code is extended a new registration code is created, and the association to the Managed Domain/Enterprise is lost.


SOTI is working to improve this process, however if in the mean time you experience this problem please call Customer Support and provide the following information for quick resolution:

- Old Registration Code

- New Registration Code

- Domains and Enterprise Names that are affected

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