File Sync Rule Ignores Updated Files and does not Trigger File Sync

File Sync Rule Ignores Updated Files and does not Trigger File Sync


There is a known issue where the MobiControl Android agent does not have an appropriate API to query a correct last modified date for files before initiating File Sync process. This means if the user has a file sync rule setup with ‘Source File is newer’ option, then any change done to the file would not trigger a file sync since Android Agent does not have information about the last modified time stamp of the changed file.

If the customer notices an issue with Files not syncing as expected with ‘Source File is Newer’ option selected in File Sync rule, then this can be a known issue. To confirm this is indeed the issue, the customer can edit the contents of the files such that the file size changes between source and destination and trying to sync the files. If the File Sync executes successfully, then we can confirm that this is the known issue discussed in this knowledge base.


  • MobiControl Android Agents less than v13.3.2
  • MobiControl Server less than v13.3.0


This issue is caused by MobiControl server which used to ignore the last modified date sent by Android Agent sent because it was incorrect (due to API limitations). The server therefore, only relied on file size to determine whether to sync files or not.


Starting Android Agent v13.3.2 build 1080 we have changed the Android Agent logic to store the last modified date during the last File Sync and report this date on future File Sync queries to the server.To get this fix you would also need to install MobiControl server v13.3.0 build 3623 or above which will not ignore the time stamp value sent by the Android Agent and will use this value to perform file sync.

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