How to delink SOTI MobiControl from one tenant of SOTI Identity ?

How to delink SOTI MobiControl from one tenant of SOTI Identity ?


If SOTI Customers have been issued two or more identity tenants and SOTI MobiControl is configured and bound with one tenant of SOTI Identity, how to link or configure MobiControl with another tenant of SOTI Identity.


In order to link SOTI MobiControl with the second tenant of SOTI Identity, We would need to delink existing tenant from MobiControl. We would need following details to do so:

  • MobiControl Local administrator credentials
  • SOTI Identity Account admin credentials of Tenant which is linked

 If you have the above details, please follow below steps to delink from SOTI Identity Tenant. These steps would have to be done in the same order :

  1. Log in to SOTI MobiControl via SOTI Identity
  2. Access global setting -> Console security
  3. Unselect SAML SSO option checkbox
  4. You will be logged out and redirected to the local SOTI MobiControl login page.
  5. Log in using your local MobiControl administrator credentials
  6. Go to global setting -> IdP configuration -> Delete SOTI IdP
  7. Now Log in to SOTI identity using Account admin credentials
  8. Go to application section -> Select MobiControl application and delete it

Now SOTI MobiControl is successfully delinked with the tenant of SOTI Identity. If you want to configure SOTI MobiControl with another tenant of SOTI Identity, please refer to this article.

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