How To Enable Autonomous Single App Mode

How To Enable Autonomous Single App Mode


Autonomous Single App Mode allows an app to lock itself to an iOS device's screen and release itself when certain conditions on the app are met. An example of this is a test-taking app that will be locked to the screen when the user signs into the app and released only when the user signs out of the app. No other applications are accessible on the device while the app is locked in Autonomous Single App Mode. 

Note, only apps that have implemented the method to be locked in Autonomous Single App Mode will be able to take advantage of the functionality described above. For more information, navigate to


  • The device must be Supervised and iOS 7.1+
  • The device must be enrolled in SOTI MobiControl
  • The application must be whitelisted for Single App Mode in the Feature Control profile payload in SOTI MobiControl as shown below


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