SOTI MobiControl Agent crashing due to recent Android WebView control update

SOTI MobiControl Agent crashing due to recent Android WebView control update


After upgrading to a faulty version of WebView, Android Applications including MobiControl start crashing.


On Monday, March 22nd a faulty version of WebView was released by Google that negatively affected Android Applications across the ecosystem. MobiControl along with millions of applications that utilize WebView was affected on this new version.


Google acknowledged the problem, and have provided a fix which is available on Google Play Store.

SOTI recommends upgrading Android System WebView and Chrome to version 89.0.4389.105 or later.

For most devices, WebView is auto updated as long as certain criteria is met and we expect this problem to fix itself in the right conditions. However, in some cases, administrators and users will need to follow one of the options listed below:

Option 1: Send Intent to Device via MobiControl

This option caters to devices that are currently under Lockdown. 

1. Send the following script to the device if lockdown was applied and MobiControl Agent is crashing:

 notify kiosk off
 _adminmode on
 connect -f

Note: You should send this script via Platform Notification Service, as this method can still
communicate with the device despite agent not being able to establish a connection due to the crash


2. This should have brought the device online (it can take up to 5 minutes)

3. Send the following script:

   start sendintent -a “;action=android.intent.action.VIEW;end”
   start sendintent -a “;action=android.intent.action.VIEW;end”

This will bring up Play Store where the user must manually click 'update' 

4. When the update is complete, send the following script to re-apply lockdown:

   notify kiosk on

Option 2: Update Manually

Follow these manual steps on devices in order to update the WebView and Chrome Apps:

  • Open the Play Store app
  • Search for “Android System WebView“
  • Select Update

Repeat these steps for Google Chrome.

Option 3: Uninstall Updates

In some rare cases, where you are unable to update the WebView and/or Chrome Application through Play Store, you may have to uninstall the latest updates that caused this problem. 

  • Navigate to Setting Application 
  • Click Apps
  • Search for Android System WebView

Depending on the device/OS you are using, you may have to click the three dot menu on top right of the application and click "Show System Apps"

  • When you click on the application, select 'Uninstall Updates'
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