Unable to Blacklist Chrome via App Run Control

Unable to Blacklist Chrome via App Run Control


The MobiControl Agent will not block Chrome though it has been blacklisted via App Run Control policy.


  • Android OEM Agents v13.3.0 on Android N+


The MobiControl Android Agent has put Chrome under the “Never Block List”. This is because Android WebView relies on Chrome, which is used for the Agent’s Lockdown Mode. Blocking Chrome would essentially be asking the Android OS to close the Android Agent, which can create undesirable behaviour.


Android OEM Agents v13.3.3.1055

Send Manual Blacklist script command to block Chrome. The Agent will blacklist Chrome via Activity Suppression Method since Chrome is on the “Never Block List”.  Whenever Chrome becomes the foreground activity, it will be suppressed and the device-user will not be able to interact with it. 

Script: manualblacklist add <Chrome Package>

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