Admin console -> display phone number zebra tc75 ?

Admin console -> display phone number zebra tc75 ?

Hell all,


we work with mobicontrol in version

Our device are zebra tc75x with android 6 and 7 enroll with android +

the client mobicontrol is on version :


I would like to get a report with the device name and the phone number.


But, after have checked the column -> phone number in the admin console I've seen that this column is ALWAYS empty ...

Of course, we have a sim card inside each device and it's possible to call these device -> no restriction,


How I can display the phone number in the administration console ?


thanks for your help

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Raymond Chan | posted this 13 May 2019

As answered in multiple similar posts in the past,  your problem is likely related to the SIM cards themselves.  Your telco operator likely has not included SIM card number in the storage area for any standard device firmware to read out the phone number.  Our customers in Hong Kong had  had similar problems in the past, and they just asked the Telco to replace the SIM cards to get the phone numbers displayed properly in the web-console for the same phones.


If you can't get replacement SIM card, you have to use custom attribute (for web-console user to see the number, assuming the device end-user will not use other SIM card on the device), or custom data together with some customized app to get the phone number to be written to a predefined XML/INI file for collection & readout from the web-console.


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christopheBERNARD | posted this 13 May 2019

Hello Raymond,


thanks for your reply that s exactly what I want ..


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