Agent keeps pushing to uninstall application

Agent keeps pushing to uninstall application

We're just starting to work with Android Enterprise, have our first few devices enrolled. 
First on the block is a TC75x (Android 8) Android Enterprise - setup with Work Profile (DO)

In setup/testing mode right now. Successfully deployed our application with a new profile/package, it shows up as installed, and runs, but there is an enforcement by (Work) MobiControl agent to remove it, the agent pops up with a Pending Action - Application Uninstallation is required. 

I've gone over settings, ran a few searches and haven't seen this specific behavior. Was hoping we could continue to use packages/profiles to manage the application until we get more DA devices moved over in the future and finally get the app setup in the managed google playstore.

I've tried:

Whitelisting it's container with appcontrol -w io.cordova.thenameofourapp

Used afw set permissions to grant permissions, as well as prevent uninstall. 

Checked the google admin console, can't manage the device management>app management from there due to it being managed by third party EMM provider. 

The ball is rolling to get our app on the managed google playstore. Should have the app signed rebuilt soon, so I can toss it in the Google play console - private apps.

Hopefully it's something small & silly. Anybody else run into this? 


Thank you!

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Matt Dermody | posted this 31 December 2019

You list Work Profile (DO), but do you actually mean Work Managed (DO)? Or are you Using DO + a Work Profile in a COPE configuration?

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Trevor Costello | posted this 31 December 2019

Good question, I intend to go with fully managed and set it up as a dedicated device with customer facing for signing etc.
I've setup the enterprise binding in MobiControl, setup the Google Admin Console for third party EMM provider, and have the android device policy installed & logged into a managed google play account.
Created a staging device for enrollment and have the first device setup. Might be work managed (DO)?  

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