Android 9 and Lockdown

Android 9 and Lockdown


We have a small selection of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 devices that have been upgraded to Android 9 (Pie) (there's another thread asking how I stop the upgrade and that has been resolved).

These devices have been enrolled via Android Enterprise and are running agent version 

Our servers is on

The devices have Kiosk Mode enabled (it's a legacy thing, don't judge). 

Can anyone think of a reason why when the user clicks on MobiControl from the kiosk screen it will not open (goes black screen then returns to the kioskscreen).  If you administratively remove the kiosk then MobiControl opens as normal when clicked on and the users can access content manager.  

The app name is set up correctly in the Kiosk Mode settings and works properly on Android 7 and 8.1.

All suggestions welcome.




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NSMOD@SOTI | posted this 19 June 2019

Hello Eddie,


There is a new enterprise agent available on our website

Agent version: 13.7.4 build 1015.

You can test and let us know if the issue gets resolved.


Thank you.

Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | | |

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Raymond Chan | posted this 20 June 2019

Apart from trying the new device agent mentioned by NSMOD@SOTI,  have you checked all the required permissions are granted for your problematic device agent after the device has been upgraded to Android 9?


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