Yes, MobiControl provides a rich REST-based API starting in v13 and higher. More information about accessing the API and its documentation can be found in the "MobiControl REST API" article of the online help.


Common uses cases for the MobiControl API include, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Provisioning devices during employee on-boarding/off-boarding
  • Migration of device configurations triggered by external  
  • Export of MobiControl data for business analytic purposes
  • Integration with billing systems for paid per use device deployments
  • Integration of MobiControl administrative actions within another administrative console


MobiControl also provides a software developer kit (SDK) for mobile application development on iOS. This SDK brings capabilities such as remote view and file synchronization to your mobile applications. For more information about the iOS SDK please visit the "MobiControl SDK for iOS" article of the online help. 

--------- Graham Watts - Principal Product Manager, SOTI Inc.