apk => Version number :13.33.1010 how to get it

apk => Version number :13.33.1010 how to get it

Hello all,

i have a tablet Panasonic FZ B2 under android 6.0.

On production , on some tablet we have the mobicontrol agent on this version : 13.33.1010 who is installed.

I would like to get it ...but i can"t find it on the tablet ...


Normally, all apk who is installled on a device can be find on sdcard / android / data /

I'm not an expert but i remember have read this on stackoverflow :)


well, i would like to get an old client mobicontrol version number 13 33 1010 but i can't !

I've try to download on soti web site some old APK but the version 13 33 1010 doesn't exist ..


Any idea about how to get this apk ?

thanks for your time


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christopheBERNARD | posted this 03 December 2018

How i can tell ...thanks you raymond :) ?


Thanks for the link, downloaded this apk is ok.


Have a nice day without problem :)


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