Assigning Custom Attribute Values to a Device

Assigning Custom Attribute Values to a Device


I have created custom attributes in the Global Settings / Manage Custom Attributes.

I'm able to assign custom attribute value to a device group but not to a device.

I use a version 14.3.3 of MC. The help says :


To assign a custom attribute value to a device:

  1. Click a device name to open its Device Information panel.
  2. On the Device Details tab, scroll to the Custom Attributes section.
  3. Click the pencil icon to turn on custom attribute editing.
  4. Enter a value for the custom attribute you want to apply to this device.
  5. Click Save to apply the new custom attribute value.

Values for custom attributes are visible in the Device Information panel. You can edit the values at any point, following the same steps.


I don't have any Custom Attributes section in the Device Details tab.



Am I missing something ?


Thank you.

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Raymond Chan | posted this 12 September 2019

I already have all my v14.3 test server instances upgraded to v14.4, so I can't verify.  But as far as I can remember,  custom attributes section is there just like what I can see in v14.4 as shown in this screenshot.




I don't recall there is any "Android Enterprise" session.  If really so, maybe you need to consider upgrading to v14.4.x.  

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Yoan R | posted this 13 September 2019

Hi Raymond,

Thank you for your answer and for the screenshot.

The night must have helped.. The custom attributes section now appears in the Device Details tab..

Case close. 

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