Authorize a unique WIFI access point in Kiosk mode

Authorize a unique WIFI access point in Kiosk mode

Fairly new to MobiControl and looking for some advice/suggestions around providing End Users of Kiosk mode devices, the ability to connect to a unique Wifi access points.

As our devices are in Kiosk mode, the end user hasn’t got the ability to configure the device to connect to a Wifi access point. Basically the Kiosk lockdown screen overrides the ability to enter the credentials of the access point into the applicable settings window.
Further to this, the environment which we operate is very much adhoc in nature. That is:
• Details of the Wifi access points are not always predefined. (so pre-configuration not possible)
• The number of available Wifi access points is fairly large.

We utilize approximately 40 Panasonic FZ-A2 tablets in fire fighting aircraft. As you can imagine, these devices are highly mobile and don’t necessarily remain in one district or region.
Our primary method of connectivity is via cellular. However, whenever a devices isn’t airborne, we wish to try and utilize a local Wifi access point. Unfortunately there’s approximately 160 different access points which exist across our area of operations. To further complicate things, the Wifi access points are provided by different government organizations and/or supporting service providers.

Hosted MobiControl Ver.
Panasonic FZ-A2, Android Enterprise, Agent Version 13.7.0 Build 1031, Kiosk mode enabled.

Just looking for some advice on whether I’m approach this correctly and whether there would be a work around. (other than utilizing a third party application)

Thanks in advance.

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Raymond Chan | posted this 13 May 2019

You can define all 160+ Wifi Configurations (SSID,  credentials, modes, etc) in one or more profiles. 


In addition, if GPS location is available, you can add geo-fences in alert rules to dynamically relocate devices to different device groups targeted with the right Wifi Configuration profiles.  This is possible in your case partly because each of your devices has cellular connection while it still don't have access to any new Wifi connection(s) just after entering a new zone defined by the geofence.

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Nige | posted this 13 May 2019

Thanks for your response Raymond. 

Will look at setting up profiles with Wifi Configurations for established or key locations. 

However, due the adhoc nature of the way we operate, not all Wifi Configuration details are available until we access or setup a site. We might also encounter sites where Wifi Configuration details have changed without notification. 

Therefore to provide flexibility, we were looking at ways of allowing the end user configure the connection. 

Thanks again you assistance!


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Raymond Chan | posted this 13 May 2019

If your device end-users are allowed to add/configure any Wifi network in kiosk mode, you can simply add a kiosk item


to achieve what you want.

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Nige | posted this 15 May 2019

Thanks Raymond, 


Utilizing  'action://CONFIGURE_WIFI' will work well within our environment. We have a level of trust in our end users, therefore this solution is simple, more that adequate and  provides the flexibility we require.



Also, just wondering whether there's similar command or equivalent configuration for Bluetooth ??

Have had a quick look through Help materials but nothing found as yet. 


(Just doing some work around utilization of External Bluetooth GPS (Garmin Glo) with Android Enterprise devices. )


Thanks again Raymond. Much appreciated





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Raymond Chan | posted this 16 May 2019

There is no similar command for bluetooth.  However you can consider the following options:

1. Use Soti's "Settings Manager" app and corresponding configuration payload in a profile to grant bluetooth control

2. Use script in two kiosk menu items, one for turning on BT and the other for turning it off.  


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