Auto-Updates for apps not functional - Android Enterprise

Auto-Updates for apps not functional - Android Enterprise

Even though all devices are under mobi control, and all conditions are being met for updating to take place. The apps with updates are not taking place.

Have to dive into each phone and do them manually.

SOTI is telling me it's Google Play Store or the devices themselves. Prior to moving to SOTI Mobicontrol we didn't have this issue.

Why isn't this working properly?

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.





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Matt Dermody | posted this 17 February 2021

The conditions of the app in question not being in the foreground and/or in use, the device being in a battery charging state, and idle? Is the app that you're updating Chrome and/or the System WebView by chance? SOTI's lockdown/kiosk leverages the WebView for rendering the lockdown screen so I've seen scenarios where Google Play doesn't upgrade it automatically since its more or less always in use. 

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RRMOD@SOTI | posted this 17 February 2021

Hi Bill ,


Thank you for posting in SOTI Central,


The device should meet all the following requirements to perform auto-update for applications pushed by Application Catalog and have Managed Google Play payload set to "Always update".


  • The device is charging
  • The device is idle (not actively used)
  • The app to be updated is not running in the foreground.


In MC version 15.3, You can specify a Maintenance Window as shown in the image below. Within this window, all the above requirements for Google app updates will be ignored. Therefore ,Turn on the toggle to enable definition of the maintenance window if you are on 15.3. 


Maintenance Window



Also, if this post has helped you in solving your inquiry, I would request you to mark the particular comment as "is solution", so others may benefit from this information.




Kind Regards, Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | | |

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Øystein, Stakvik | posted this 16 March 2021


We are currently setting up this solution whit MobiControl 15.3 that was updated today on our demo server.
As we have an customer that does not meet Google Play requirements at all we have been waiting for this function, however I'm not able to make it work, is there still some requirements for application to start updating?

We have setup device as:

- Celluar only, 4G+.
- Kiosk device and most of the time connected to charger.
- Lockdown and running Singel App mode so app is alway in foreground.
- Device Owner whit Managed Google Play account.

App Policies:
I've set "Deployment Type" as mandatory.
Activated "Managed App Config".

Managed Google Play:
"Always Upate" is checked.
Maintenance Window is set between 8 PM and 5 AM.

Earlier test I could not see any action done for application to start update.
However I've setup all above whit the time window above and hopefully it works over the night.


Would be nice to check if anyone else has tested this yet or if there is still some restrictions or something forgotten in this setup.

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Matt Dermody | posted this 17 March 2021

Is the app you're trying to update the one that is currently running in the foreground? I am not sure if it is ever going to update if that is the case. Could you disable the Single App mode and just have a lockdown with that one app available? You could have a device reset script scheduled during your update window to restart the devices to force the app closed to give it an opportunity to update. 

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Øystein, Stakvik | posted this 17 March 2021

I did try yesterday in between "Update Window" to manually reboot several devices whitout any luck.
Today no one of the devices in test has been updated.

Im thinking the same, the application to be updated is currently the one running in foreground as single app might be the cause of the app not being updated.

  • You as a SOTI MobiControl administrator can now set a daily maintenance window during which Managed Google Play applications can update even if the usual update conditions are not met (e.g., the device is not on Wi-Fi, is charging, or application is not in the foreground).

Even tho these three conditions is not met and to be updated anyways whit the new settings it seems that it still into play if there is not any specific setting I've not seen yet.

I've sent an email to SOTI on this aswell and waiting reply, also gonna extend the test whit same setup but whit devices that met one of the conditions above.

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