Hello Elena, 


I have not personally tackled this issue but have colleagues whom have made these adjustments VIA adjustments to registry values.  I plan on doing some testing this week with your device but have a possible fix for you.


Try sending these 3 scripts to the device to update the registry.  As I have not tested these scripts yet, I would suggest setting the device to the desired region and verifying if these are the correct values for your desired region.  The following suggested reg edits should apply to the UK region to the devices in question. 


regset "HKLM\nls" DefaultLCID Dword:2057


regset "HKLM\nls" SystemLCID Dword:2057




Ultimately you can send these to the devices as a script within a package, feel free to test both on route to your solution. 


Hopefully this helps!




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