Best practice to unenroll and delete multiple devices?

Best practice to unenroll and delete multiple devices?



We're planning to sell about 20 used devices. I need to factory reset them and also want them to be "gone" from my MobiControl environment completety. I'm trying to avoid the need to reset them via SD Card or ADB.

The Devices are ZEBRA TC51 running Android 6.0.1

I was planning to unenroll all devices in the webconsole first but if I do that I cant send the script for factory reset anymore.

The .zip-File for the Factory Reset is already on the devices.


How would you guys handle such a request?

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Marius Iversen | posted this 27 November 2018

Hi MichaelM


Start factory default, then delete the device from MobiControl. They will not re-enroll.


For this to work you have to use the correct factory default (not enterprise reset) files from Zebra, and use the install_system_update command.

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MichaelM | posted this 28 November 2018

Hi Marius


Thanks for your answer!

That is pretty much what I did. Before deleting the devices I changed a setting in Global Settings so devices get deleted permanently from the database. Probably isn't necessary but I thought it might be a "cleaner" way to get these devices out of MobiControl completely.

Yes, I'm aware of the multiple reset packages that Zebra provides for their devices.


I've had some problems before with old devices trying to re-enroll after deleting them. Deleted the Add Device rule for them too which caused some errors. That is why I tried to find a way to un-enroll the devices before deleting them while still being able to run the install_system_update command but it seems like thats not possible. (Probably also not necessary)

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