Hi Rathasatekun,


Thank you for posting in SOTI Central.


Can you clarify, is the Google Map Service an FQDN that is accessed externally? For example *.googleapis.com is an API that is used for EMM/Google APIs/PlayStore APIs. I don't see one for a Google Map Service according to my brief research.


If the above is correct, you can block it on a network level. Or alternatively, if this directly ties into the Google Maps APK. You can look into blocking it via an Application Run Control (doesn't require lockdown) or by using the manualblacklist scripting functionality (requires lockdown).


As a word of caution, always disable any Factory Reset Protection you might have and ensure you will be able to wipe a device if an issue occurs. Since this might be a System App for the device, therefore it might affect system-level functions. Testing changes first before making production level changes is best practice.



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