cannot install package by using self service option untill checkin

cannot install package by using self service option untill checkin


Is it possible to install package immdiately when an user tap install button on the devices?
How can we install private apps by user timing?


1.Enroll device as AE
2.Apply a profile which has package as self service to a device group
3.Tap Mobicontrol Agent on device lockdown screen,and open profile status
4.Tap install button
5.It becomes pending status and not completed by next checkin



1.We changed checkin schedule from 1/24hours to 1/30minutes temporary,
but we don't want to do this treatment nexttime because it increases server load.
We want to know why it isn't started to install package immediately after device manipulation untill checkin.

2.It is impossible to use App Catalog Rules for private app because our customer has not Gsuit Accoount,
and,App Catalog also needs to checkin for installation and takes 2 or 3 days untill delivery apps.


1.Using FileSync for distribution app and embedding installing script on lockdown.

<Server information>
-MC version:
-server environment:SaaS
<Device information>
-Agent version:, etc.
-For Android A + or AE: AE

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Raymond Chan | posted this 23 October 2019

The bandwidth required for schedule update is very limited and it is quite unusual these days to change the schedule update interval, for the sake of saving bandwidth,  from the default 2 hours to a much bigger value of 24 hours as in your case.


It's also quite abnormal that no actions are taken even after device update.  Maybe you should check if other profiles are also not update timely after scheduled or manual-initiated (through action requested by administrator from the web-console) updates.  If so,  your problem may be related to your MobiControl server and/or various server configuration(s).  In particular,  I would avoid MobiControl v13.4.0.5276  as one of my customer had other weird problem with this version and this version has been taken out from the official release note.   As this nearly has never happened for any MobiControl releases in the last few years, I have to ASSUME that there is some hidden big problem(s) with this version that Soti has to remove it from the release note and don't bother to mention about it.  You can open an official support ticket with Soti support and confirm if it is recommended to upgrade your server.


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SCMOD@SOTI | posted this 22 October 2019

Hi Yuga,

Thank you for your question, Have you tried using "Automatic" instead of self serve, where you can specify the desired time to install the package. 

You can also send a post-Install script to kickstart the installation process of the package. 

Thank you.

Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | | |

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