What is the reason for having something like what you suggest?   What advantages can you get from such combination?


In principle, you can have two or more server  machine/VM instances to implement multiple deployment servers and management servers on single/multiple site(s) for High-Availability/Disaster-Recovery purposes.  The main considerations will be security, performance and admininstration logistics.


On MobiControl Cloud instance, you ONLY have access to Mobicontrol web console, and all other management/configuration tasks not doable with the web-console have to be done by Soti support team on your request .  If one of more DS/MS is on Mobicontrol cloud, will your company security policies allow Soti support team to have remote desktop sessions into your internal network and manage your on-premises servers (including Mobicontrol  DS., MS, MS-SQL , and optionally  LDAP, E-mail, etc depending on the EMM policies required.).  Similarly, each time you want to make some change(s) on your internal server, you need to request in advance to Soti support team to make the required changes on you MobiControl cloud instance.  The administrative logistics will just be complicated and inefficient, and possibly disastrous.


If you only want HA/DR with extra server instance(s) on the cloud,  order your bare cloud instance/instances (directly from Amazon AWS or other vendor) , make all the required networking/security arrangements for connection to your on-premises servers, and install Mobicontrol on it with the proper MCadmin settings.    If you just want HA,  it should be much cheaper, simpler, more secure and more efficient in terms of run-time performance to add extra on-premises instance in your current site.