Configure and use Hotspot with lockdown?

Configure and use Hotspot with lockdown?


Does anyone have any experience in configuring and enabling hotspot while in lockdown? Ideally, we would like the end-user to have this functionality as it's needed for work use to connect our RFID scanners in the field. I know there is no such feature in SOTI Settings and I am not sure if there is a way to script it via a shortcut on the lockdown.


S7, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note8, Note9, Note10, A50 (some models are AT&T firmware and some unlocked)


7.11, 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, and 10.

DA+ 95% majority, only about 10-11 devices enrolled with AE.

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Raymond Chan | posted this 01 June 2020

To enable and disable Wifi Hotspot respectively, you can add kiosk item script:// to call on-device script file to run script commands

Script Command Set

   wifiapenable 1 
  wifiapenable 0 


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Ben Smith | posted this 01 June 2020

Hi Raymond,


It seems this command only turns Wi-Fi off and on for the test device I am using. S9+ on Android 9 and on the latest agent version. Ideally, we would like the functionally for users to configure the hotspot as done in the default settings menu.

Is it even possible to have the end-user configure hotspot in lockdown?

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Brice Whitacre | posted this 04 June 2020

Hello Ben,


I was recently doing testing with enabling Hotspot on Samsung devices and I found a way to launch into the the Hotspot settings from the lockdown screen, which on 9.0 devices it seems to work well with limiting full settings access, but devices that are 8.0 and lower allow full settings access from what I saw.  Hopefully these help you.


Both versions below work for me for either adding as a lockdown icon or sending script command




start activity$WifiApSettingsActivity

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DDMOD@SOTI | posted this 04 June 2020

Hi Ben,


Thanks for the post!

Please follow the below options to access tethering options or WiFi settings with hotspot info:



-Send a script wifiapenable 1 & restartagent to the device and upon the agent restarting the hotspot is enabled



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