Configure Android 7 Camera Settings via script (Samsung)

Configure Android 7 Camera Settings via script (Samsung)



I'm currently investigating how I can automate as much of our tablet setup process as possible. One thing we do is reduce the camera resolution for saved images, so images that my company's field team upload to our systems, don't fill the servers with unnecessarily high quality images!


I've looked at the following posts and attempted the watchsettings on function but I'm not seeing logs for the settings in the camera app on Android 7 (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2).


I understand there's more flexibility with Android Enterprise but Samsung isn't one of the certified manufacturers so we are having to stick with Android Plus. 

Is there another way I can find out what is being changed when the setting is modified in an attempt to script it?


Thanks in advance!

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Raymond Chan | posted this 06 September 2018

Just some clarifications

1.  The mechanism described at

is applicable to some (and not all) items in the "Settings" of some brands of Android+ devices only.    If you can see anything from the log for the item you changed in Settings, it means the item cannot be configured with this approach.  As far as I know, this mechanism does not work for any Android Enterprise devices.


2.  Your statement about Samsung certification for Android Enterprise is not accurate.  Many Samsung devices are certified for Android Enterprise platform.  


3. If your want to stick to Android+ device agent with your Samsung devices, your solution may be to blacklist the default camera app, and find and install a third-party camera (maybe an open-source camera app in which changes to its UI can be made, if your team has Android development skills)  app that only support low-resolution image.


4. If you use Android Enterprise device agent with your Samsung devices, you can either use the approach described in (3) above, or find third-party enterprise-grade camera app that supports "app-configuration" options configuring picture resolution.  In this latter approach, you can dynamically change the "app-configuration" options according to your need from advanced tab of the app in the corresponding app-catalog rule.


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josh_the_tech | posted this 06 September 2018

Thank you for the clarifications Raymond! I'll will investigate Android Enterprise then and see what I can do!


Kind Regards,



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