Content Library Android Not Launching PDF's

Content Library Android Not Launching PDF's

I have an issue where we have implemented Enterprise on the XCOVER4s and via QR code enabled all the on board apps via enterprise. All good, However i wanted to use the content library as there are certain things that our remote workers need extra information on when they are in the field. It all deployed fine and the documents have been downloaded to the device but none of them will open even though we have the google PDF reader installed and set to default. You click the button and nothing happens.

Unlock the device......go to the Mobicontrol app --->Content fine

Lock it back wont open

Any Ideas?

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JVMOD@SOTI | posted this 26 August 2020

Hello Dave,


Thank you for your post, please provide following details -

1. Device Manufacturer

2. OS version

3. MobiControl version

4. Agent version

5. Enrollment type



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Raymond Chan | posted this 27 August 2020

What do you mean by "unlock" or "lock"?  Do you actually mean enabling/disabling lockdown-menu/kiosk-mode with MobiControl?


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Dave Rice | posted this 09 October 2020

Hi Raymond,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I managed to sort it. By lock it up, I meant "switch to user mode" which is where the PDf's wouldn't launch. However, I managed to fix it, I added the google pdf viewer app id to the Kiosk screen with no icon, This has allowed the application to launch and I have forced the PDF Viewer to be installed as a mandatory app so that i am sure that its the only one on the devices. That seemed to fix it.

As a side note I have allowed the play store the same way so that the users can update the apps from the play store themselves if the auto update hasn't worked due to connectivity etc.


Thought you may be interested



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