Database Logins Mobicontrol Webconsole saved more than 1 day

Database Logins Mobicontrol Webconsole saved more than 1 day

Hi everyone,

Last week, one of our customers logged into our SOTI environment and put in a couple of scheduled changes. As we noticed, the scheduled changes came up in the Mobicontrol webconsole as being done by "System" and not by the actual user.

Since the SQL database saves the login it wasn't a problem to find out who logged in that morning and we quickly find out who it was by doing the right query in our SQL database.


But one thing we notice. The login in our SQL database is only saved for 24 hours before it's being delete! Does anyone know a solution to extend the time to save the login data? Note, the query we set up was made to find the "Username" who logged in, not the IP address (since we have multiple customers who are able to login, we don't want to track IP's)

Anyone any idea??

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PRMOD@SOTI | posted this 28 February 2019

Hello Yannick, 


If you see a change done by 'System', it could mean the change was done by the services: DS, DSE, or MS. 

If you wish to see the login audit for an extended time range, SQL Server Logs may allow you to do so. Logs are available for a longer range and held in archives for months to years based on your setup. 

Please let me know if you have more questions on this. 



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Yannick Weijenberg | posted this 01 March 2019

Hi PR,


Thank you for your anwser. Like I tried to explain in my initial question. I'd like to see my SQL-Database save more data than only one day. For example, who logged in at what time, is only being saved for 1 day. 


Could you explain me how I change this in the Soti Setup?

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