Deactivate application via script command - Android Plus

Deactivate application via script command - Android Plus

Hey guys,

i have a simple question. I know there is a way to send a script command to
delete applications.

Is there a script command to deactivate applications?

Does someone know the command?

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Raymond Chan | posted this 23 August 2019

Just use application-run-control (i.e. either add it in a blacklist, or leave it out from the whitelist) payload in an Android+ profile to disallow the installed app from being run or launched again. 

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Ozan Acikalin | posted this 23 August 2019

My problem is that the application run control can't deactivate all of my apps.

My goal is to deactivate some "system" apps like chrome by force.

I would also prefer the whitelist but our customer is a bit difficult...

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Raymond Chan | posted this 23 August 2019

I have no problem using application-run-control blacklist to deactivate Chrome in hundreds of cases in the last few years.  However, Some recent Android 8/9 devices may have some other bundled apps using module(s) of Chrome, and thus it might not be possible to use application-run-control to deactivate Chrome is such cases.    One possible solution is to blacklist or even disable (in Device's Settings->Apps Manager) Chrome plus other related apps using Chrome's modules altogether.   Also, you might need to reboot a device to see if the MobiControl application-run-control policy deployed works or not.  


Apart from Chrome, what other system apps are you talking about?

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Monique, Rossano-Rasmussen | posted this 30 January 2020

I am trying to do this as well! I would like to disable chrome, camera, etc. I know there is the script to enable system apps so I was hoping there was one to disable

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Ozan Acikalin | posted this 31 January 2020

unfortunately i found no solution.
I had a long conversation with the soti support and even session with them.
it is not really possible to deactivate system apps by using a script command.

Funny thing is that you can activate system apps, for example in the
work profile (phone, gallery, etc) who are standard deactivated

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Rémi | posted this 10 February 2020


It exists scripts to desactivate applications. It works for me :

To desactivate an application :

Manualblacklist on

To reactivate an application : 

Manualblacklist off

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Ozan Acikalin | posted this 11 February 2020

Hey Remi,

unfortunately it does not work for my usecase.

Your script command works perfectly fine for most of the apps. But it does not
work on apps like the google applications who can not be deinstalled but deactivated.
And for those apps a blacklist does not work.

I was looking for a solution to get my chrome app deactivated in the android OS and not just

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JVMOD@SOTI | posted this 12 February 2020

Hello Ozan,


Did you try Application Run Control profile? where you can completely blacklist chrome from user (icon will be removed from UI)



Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | | |

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Ozan Acikalin | posted this 13 February 2020



it works without problem when i am using a blacklist.


But my customer needs the whitelist and don't want to use a blacklist
because he has to add so many other apps who could interfere.

I was looking for a solution where i could use a whitelist and block or
deactivate the chrome browser by a script command for example.

My only solution was to use a white list and deactive manually the chrome
browser on all of his devices...
I was hoping to find a way with MC to deactivate the app but unfortunately
there was no solution found.

Maybe in the future it is maybe possible to deactivate some system apps
while running a whitelist :)

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Ozan Acikalin | posted this 23 March 2020


Sorry i don't know why i said your solution with the script command "manualblacklist" doesn't work ...

It does not deactivate the chrome but blocks the chance to open it. Thats more than enough for my case.


I guess i did too many things at the same time back then :)


Thank you very much for that script command !!

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