Default launcher on Panasonic FZ-S1

Default launcher on Panasonic FZ-S1


Recently we started using Panasonic FZ-S1 Android 10 tablets. We've installed the v14.5.3.1017 OEM specific MobiControl device agent and the corresponding plugin and everything seems to be responding fine. We're using a profile with a lockdown and an authentication password. And now when you reboot the device it's got problems with deciding which default launcher it should use.

The screen is on and active but stays black. After a while, it warns that MobiControl is unresponsive and gives the options to either wait or close MobiControl. Waiting for MobiControl to work just keeps resulting in the same error, but if you close it down it offers the option to select another launcher: Quickstep, Panasonic Enterprise Launcher, or MobiControl.

Only if you select Quickstep (which is the 'normal' default launcher), the tablet responds and shows its normal screen. If you select MobiControl, you end up in the same errors as mentioned before. That's not what we want though, we'd like to have MobiControl show it's lockdown screen. Only if you select Quickstep and choose to "always" use it as its default launcher and then re-open MobiControl, it'll show its lockdown screen and will work properly untill you reboot the device.

Does anybody have an idea what we could do about this?

Kind regards,

Theun Schellekens
MobiCoach B.V.

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