Hello Benjamin,


Thank you for your post, unfortunately, we do not have this feature to delete multiple folders starting with a particular name or number in current versions of MobiControl but you can raise a feature request.


I would like you to create a support case(click here) or call SOTI Support team(click here) to raise a Feature Request to delete multiple folders starting with a particular name or number. These feature requests should be insisted on by customers via a Support case.


To provide you with a heads up, this would not be an instant resolution as SOTI Product Team should communicate with Android Team to leverage this feature to be managed by MobiControl. So, this may take weeks to months to get it included in the new build. Please follow the release notes of SOTI MobiControl to get an update on the improvements done on the new release.




Also, if this post has helped you in solving your inquiry, I would request you to mark the particular comment as "is solution", so others may benefit from this information.




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