device connected or not connected ?

device connected or not connected ?



we work with mobicontrol on version 14.4.9 1034 since several weeks now.

We used zebra device TC75X under android 7 enrolled android +


all works fine since the migration but i receive a call yesturday about some device (10 exactly) who wouldn't be connected ! 

It's stange, because on console i see the device is connected -> image connected

if i made a remote connexion on it -> no problem on these 10 devices ..


But if i go to the log and make a search for one week. I notice since for today example i have no log ! 

but i can make a remote connexion on it ...


Also if i select a device, go to device details i see :


last agent connect time -> 4 days ago !!!!


all others device (+ 800) has the date of today , just these 10 devices meet problem ...

but, i repeat i can make remote connexion on the device ...

For me, there are connected , It's so strange ...


Also, agent mobicontrol is updated


any idea about what i can do for discover what s happen ?


thanks for all

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Marcus Breitenthaler | posted this 02 February 2021

Hi Christophe, 


do you have a Log Entry at the Device when you had Started a Remote Session to the Device ?

Did you have Log entrys at the Other working Devices in the Device Logs ?

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christopheBERNARD | posted this 03 February 2021

Hello marcus,

thanks for your comment.


Yes i have a log when i start the remote session.

I've look this morning on these 10 devices and no log since yesturday (after the remote).


If i compare to other device, i have perhpas one log each hour or more ...


I really don't know if these 10 devices meets problem or not ..


thanks for all

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Marcus Breitenthaler | posted this 03 February 2021

Hey Christophe,


yes that sounds really Strange.

Whats happen when you "Request Check-In" in the Logs?

Did you find the Device in the MobiControl Deployment Server logs with Error Messages or other Error Messages ?


Or would it be Prossible to Reenroll on of the 10Devices to Mobicontrol if it happen after resetting again ?

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christopheBERNARD | posted this 04 February 2021

Hello marcus,

yes as you said it's strange ...


If i send a " check in " the log is fill by two entry:

- request device check in 

- device (agent) check in 


re enroll the device ...pretty boring but it's possible of course. 


I have compare profile between device with many log every day and device with empty log..

The difference I see who can explain this it's the PERHPAS the configurations of the -> OUT OF CONTACT


We don't have this on the ten devices ..


For the DSE i will check this 


thanks for your time

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