Device migration from SOTI 13 to SOTI 15

Device migration from SOTI 13 to SOTI 15

Hi everyone!

I've encountered with a quiet strange behavior of Samsung devices. When I'm trying to migrate my enrolled in SOTI 13 Samsung device(Xcover4s)  using script with few Writeprivateprofstring commands, after enrolling in SOTI 15, it wipes completely to factory defaults.

My steps were:

- In SOTI 15 SHA-1 is enabled for enrollment rule.

- MobiControl agent is up to date.

- SOTI 13 device profile is clean and with any rules or restrictions. Same in SOTI 15

- With Writeprivateprofstring I'm adding a certificate key, new deployment server, and device rule tag.

- Restart agent and forcing to connect with Connect -f.


How can I evade or disable wiping my device after enrolling?


Thanks for your help

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Raymond Chan | posted this 07 April 2020

Did you upgrade your device agent from v13 to v15? Or MobiControl server from v13 to v15? or Both?  What were the steps you took in the whole process?  Did you get your upgrade/migration officially from Soti support team?


Exactly what Writeprivateprofstring commands did you use in the process?


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Alexey, Stepanov | posted this 07 April 2020

MobiControl server v15 is new server. I was just trying to migrate device with up to date agent from server v13 to another server v15.

My steps were:

- In server v15 enabling 15 SHA-1 for enrollment rule.

- Using script:

   writeprivateprofstring Device DeviceClass XXXXX
   writeprivateprofstring Connection DeploySvr1 XXXX
   writeprivateprofstring MCCAs CA1 XXXX
   connect -f

After that, device is fully functional and visible on server v15. But after accepting all permissions asked by mobicontrol agent, it just wipes the whole device to factory defaults.


Solution: after seeing device online on new server, manually restart phone, launch mobicontrol and accept all asked permissions by agent.

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