Device name in URL

Device name in URL

Hi All,

Question how do i start a webbrowser with a link in it to the device.
It would be nice, otherwise i need to config on every device the %DEVICENAME% manually in the weblink.

For example: 

kill_application org.mozilla.firefox
sendintent -a "http://xxxxxxxxxx=%DEVICENAME%#Intent;action=android.intent.action.VIEW;end"

I try this on a Zebra TC51 but i think the command kill_application is not working. 

I already tried this:

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Matt Dermody | posted this 13 November 2020

kill_application does not work for Android Enterprise managed Zebra devices.


As for launching a url with a macro, I've done the following successfully with a custom data macro so it should theoretically work with devicename as well. 



I think your issue in trying to use the sendintent script is that everything included within the "" is considered part of that string so it is interpretted directly rather than being handled as an outside macro. 

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Raymond Chan | posted this 16 November 2020

Enclose your MobiControl macro with double %'s in the string argument of sendintent script command. 

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Chris Keunen | posted this 17 November 2020

Do you shedule a task for it or where do i configure this?
Because before i created i task. But it needs to trigger more than one time.

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