Difference between mxconfig and mxxmlconfig scripts

Difference between mxconfig and mxxmlconfig scripts

I am relatively familiar with the process of generating XML from StageNow and then processing it on Zebra Android devices using the mxconfig scripting option in MobiControl v13.3 and higher. I am now supporting a MobiControl 12 instance that only has an mxxmlconfig script and no mxconfig option. In cross-referencing the scripting documentation between v12 and v13 it would appear that mxconfig is specific to StageNow generated XML where as mxxmlconfig is for "MX Legacy". What is the difference between these two XML types and how can I generate the MX Legacy version of an XML file if I want to configure Zebra Android devices through the MX layer with a MobiControl 12 environment?


mxxmlconfig [inputPath] [outputPath]

Executes XML command from the [inputPath] and puts the result into the [outputPath].

inputPath – path to a xml file containing configuration for MX XML API

outputPath – path to a folder where script execution result will be put.

Note: This script command is applicable only to Motorola Android devices. mxxmlconfig uses the older XML format (MX Legacy).


mxconfig <xml_filepath>

Submits XML configuration instructions to the MX layer of the device.

Note: This script command is only applicable on Zebra Android devices. mxconfig uses the StageNow XML format (MXMS)

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Support Staff | posted this 20 March 2018

Hi Matt, 


V 12 mxxmlconfig is a tricky topic as we are no longer focusing our efforts on legacy versions of MobiControl.  I have reached out to our OEM team for some information on this for you.   Once received I will update this tread accordingly.

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Matt Dermody | posted this 20 March 2018

I just paged King RC. If he doesn't know, nobody does. 

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Scott | posted this 09 April 2018

Hey Matt,

Did you ever receive a response to this?  Interestingly, the v14 docs don't state "uses the older XML format (MX Legacy)." How did you determine that?  Was it the documentation comment "This command is only available on Motorola Android devices."?

I want to use MX to query a value on the device.  mxconfig doesn't have an "outputpath".  Does Soti's previous response imply that mxxmlconfig support is going away?  If not, what versions of MX does this support?

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Support Staff | posted this 4 weeks ago

Note: This script command is applicable only to Motorola Android devices. mxxmlconfig uses the older XML format (MX Legacy).


This information was a direct quote from the V13 help document.  I have placed a link below to the V 13 helpfile for easy reference.




Adding to the MC online help documentation, MX support is not going away, we apologize for any confusion:


  • Mxconfig command: It is correct that this command is only supported by MobiControlv13.3 agent and Zebra devices. Before a profile is created in ZebraStageNow, one thing to make sure is correct version of MX is selected so that the profile is supported by the devices. To confirm which version of MX is supported by your device, please visit here or contact Zebra. Once the profile is created in StageNow, please select Export for MDM (this is important) and you can use mxconfig script to execute the configurations in the xml file once it is transferred to the device using MobiControl. Please refer to https://www.soti.net/mc/help/v14.0/en/console/gsrindex.html?gsrid=other/stagenow.html


  • Mxxmlconfig command: MobiControl never dropped support for this command, provided that your Zebra device still supports it, this should be achievable on MobiControl v12 for Zebra devices. To confirm if your Zebra devices still support this format and to know the exact MX specifications for the XML file to be generated for this command, please contact Zebra. Once the XML file is created, please follow the process as mentioned in the following documentation:





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