Disable screen timeout in lockdown

Disable screen timeout in lockdown

I'm having some trouble with getting the screen to not timeout when in lockdown. I have the Authentication profile pushed out with "disable lock screen" selected. The phones will be on person most the time so the Feature profiles "keep screen on while charging" won't be so helpful. I have attempted pushing out the script "writesecuresetting - sys screen_off_timeout 600000" for a 10 min screen timeout, but it never changes the settings on the phones we are testing with. I'm not sure if that is a generic android script that will work on any device or for Zebra phones that I have successfully used it for previously or the Authentication profile is blocking it in some way.


Devices: Pixel 5 and Spectralink Versity 9553

Mobi Agent: 

14.4.6 Build 1001 (Spectralink requested the apps be set to not update)

14.5.0 Build 1011 (Pixel is not being restricted)

Mobi Server: Version: (Cloud)

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Raymond Chan | posted this 25 May 2021

I have neither Spectralink Versity 9553 nor Pixel 5 device to do any test.  Please provide more details:


- What are the active MDM API's reported in the devce details tab of your MC web-console or in the configuration tab of your MC device agent app on the tested device?


- Had you manually granted any app permissions for the MobiControl device agent before you tried the writesecuresetting script command?  If so, what were the ones you granted?


- Is there any typo in the command you mentioned in your post?  Did you try

  writesecuresetting - sys  screen_off_timeout 600000


  writesecuresetting -sys screen_off_timeout 600000


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RRMOD@SOTI | posted this 23 June 2021

Hi Patrick,


Thank you for requesting an answer from Support staff.


Please let me know if you got a chance to test the solution provided by the Raymond. You can also try the following script.


Writesecuresetting -sys screen_off_timeout 28800000


If the above does not work,  troubleshooting and need to check the agent and server logs to land on solution. Can you please raise a support case (click here) or call SOTI Support team (click here) to seek immediate assistance.



Kind Regards, Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | support@soti.net | www.soti.net |

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